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60 hours of world-class conference content

We’re curating our conference with the help and guidance from the superstars in our 2020 Advisory Board to bring fresh ideas and insights from leading minds in the executive support community.

Members of the Advisory Board have extensive experience across all specialisms and sectors, and help to guide the strategic direction of the event.  They give a unique insight into the world of publishing and media leaders allowing us to deliver a world-class, cutting-edge programme and conference sessions and content.


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Understanding audiences

Understanding audiences

· How can we better understand our audiences and their needs?

· How have media behaviours changed?

· What insights can we gain from analytics?

· What’s involved in developing new products and services?

· How can we connect our communities?

· How to involve our audience in our content?

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

· What are the best ways to market subscriptions and memberships?

· What’s the latest in marketing events (in person and virtual)?

· How to best use marketing technology?

· What publishers can learn from e-commerce?

· How to be strategic with email newsletters?

Monetising Content

Monetising Content

· How has covid changed print magazines?

· What is the value of podcasts?

· How events can create content for delegates and sponsors?

· How data journalism provides an edge?

· How to build high value B2B data products?

· The rise of e-learning for publishers?

Commercial partnerships

Commercial partnerships

· How do clients want to connect with our audience?

· What’s involved in setting up a content studio?

· How to measure the impact of commercial partnerships?

· Will display advertising die?

· How to partner for e-commerce



· What is the future of trade exhibitions?

· How virtual conferences add value?

· What is the future of awards nights?

· Making the right event tech choices

· How will delegates behave post covid?

International expansion

International expansion

· Selling digital subscriptions internationally

· Licensing and Syndication

· Geo cloning events

· Working with international advertisers

· How to grow in new countries: people and structures

People and skills

People and skills

· What skills must event teams develop

· What skills do account managers need now?

· What skills do editorial teams need?

· What skills do marketers need now?

· The future of the office and remote working?

· Why diversity creates value?

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