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The Publishing Show

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Where the UK Publishing Industry met in 2022, now for 2023

In March we can come together to collaborate and innovate as the industry evolves faster than ever before. The Publishing Show will provide an opportunity to discover just how bold and enterprising the industry has been. In September industry experts and our colleagues over two days gave an insight into how they have developed their businesses during the last few years, and how they will move forward in the future.  Which looks positive.

Publishing and media is still in a state of flux and the recent crisis has accelerated existing trends towards digital platforms.  Newsstand sales have declined, subscriptions have boomed, advertising first crashed and is growing to an even greater level than pre-pandemic.  In person events were replaced by virtual, online communities flourished, and ailing print titles closed.  The industry learned to work remotely, and borders disappeared for subscribers, audiences, and staff.

Whether you work in consumer magazines, B2B and professional publishing, membership organisations or news media, there is great value in listening to your peers.  The challenges they have faced.  The innovations from their teams.  How their audiences and advertisers have adapted to a world lived online and remotely, and what the future holds. 

Our speaker programme at The Publishing Show 2023 is being designed to give you a rapid review of what has been learned in the last year.  To inspire you to rethink your own media business.  And provide practical tips on the hottest issues in the industry.

  • How can I manage digital transformation effectively?
  • How can technology solutions help solve the challenges of publishers?
  • How to monetise content without harming UX?
  • With decline in display advertising, how can media brands take advantage of the rise in the investment in branded/sponsored content and content studios?
  • How can I build a valuable community?
  • How can I work more effectively with advertisers?
  • How can I drive revenues with subscriptions, data, podcasts, video, and other content formats?
  • What can I learn from insurgents, independents, and disruptors?
  • How to understand audiences better and develop new products?
  • How to market more efficiently?
  • How to attract, develop and retain talented people?


Five Unique Content Theatres

The Publishing Show will feature five content stages each covering a different topic; the future of media, adtech & commercial, audience & marketing, subscriptions & paytech and storytelling & design.

The content programme will include multiple topics running across all five theatres.

The Networking Lounge

The Publishing Show is a platform to meet and network with your peers after what has been a tough few months.

With over 1,000 professionals from within the media and publishing industry, this is your opportunity to catch up, exchange ideas and look to the future.

The Networking Lounge will give you the perfect place to grab a coffee and digest the ideas and suppliers you will be engagaing with.

Leading Supplier Showcase 

We’ve handpicked leading suppliers offering products and services for your contact book across both traditional and digital industries.

As well as sourcing the services, products and experience you need to grow in your role, and take your team, company and content to the next level, you’ll also be able to secure exclusive prices not available elsewhere.

Official Event App

Drill down on the exact profile of people you want to meet via the Official Publishing Show App.

You’ll get the chance to interact with your industry peers – before, during and post event – to maximise opportunities to build your network both virtually and face -to-face. The event app will be launched closer to the date and made available to all registered attendees. 

Eight Key Content Streams

Subscriptions & Circulation

Subscriptions & Circulation

Looking at all aspects of subscription acquisition and circulation growth. Senior publishing professionals and leading suppliers to the industry share performance insights and opinions. What are the latest trends across the subscription journey from finding prospects through to acquisition?

What you will learn:

Practical tips from leading publishers who have been running successful subscription strategies

How to build an appealing membership proposition

How can publishers improve performance across subscription and circulation growth?

How each performance area can be enhanced including SEO; User experience; the customer journey; data collection strategy; segmentation and personlisation; marketing communications; use of social media; Newsletter and other engagement platforms such as podcasts; paywalls; measurement of KPIs/Metrics; “test and learn”; the role of pricing strategy; importance of modern and simple payment options.


Commercial & E-Commerce

Commercial & E-Commerce

Focusing on the revenue generation side of the media publishing business. Looking at strategic growth through new paid channels for audiences; the state of advertising technology and how publishers can take advantage; rise of ecommerce and affiliate marketing revenue; How to monetise content without harming UX? With decline in display advertising, how can media brands take advantage of the rise in the investment in branded/sponsored content and content studios? How can publishers work more effectively with advertisers and agencies?  How are other publishers successfully developing branded content?

What you will learn:

Best practice around the latest adtech solutions

Building trust by bridging the gap between privacy and monetisation

Best practice on datawalls and paywalls

Best practice on growing ecommerce across your brands

Best practice in developing creative branded content campaigns

Latest future advertising insights from brands and agencies on their branding needs and how media publishers can take advantage

Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation

The pace of change in the publishing and wider media industry has been breathtaking in recent times. New technologies are now the beating heart of a successful of media publisher. Senior technology professionals from UK’s leading publishers along with global leading technology suppliers share their insights and opinions.

There will also be a focus on new innovations and disruptors to the traditional models.

What you will learn:

  • Practical in-depth tips on what are the most value technologies for media publishers across all departments
  • Do new entrants to media markets think differently to traditional publishers?  What new revenue streams are being developed? How can you launch into new markets or sectors?
  • Be inspired by innovative thinking
Audience & Community Development

Audience & Community Development

How to get closer to your customers and adapt your products to meet their needs. What is involved in a successful membership proposition?  How can publishers create and nurture valuable communities?

What you will learn:

Best practice from publishers who have launched communities

Creating the best user experience for your customers

How to build an appealing membership proposition

Practical tips from publishers who researched their audience and developed new products

Editorial & Content

Editorial & Content

Inspire UK’s leading editors and content producers with the latest technology; how to engage the new generations with quality storytelling, finding the right business models and other disruptors.

What you will learn:

Practical tips on focusing on the audience first

Best practices on the working in editorial in the future

How the CMS is evolving with the media landscape, now incorporating social media, video, and all manner of other features into a single user interface

How other editorial teams have successfully grown their communities through new channels including events and podcasts

Building Newsrooms Fit for the Future

How to tackle fake news

Being part of a modern publisher and working collaboratively with other departments

Strategy & Transformation

Strategy & Transformation

Leading a media publishing business into a successful future takes new skills and learnings. What are the big trends that will be shaping your business? How are different size publishers developing their business and offerings strategically? What is their focus reader or advertising revenue growth?

Hear from senior industry experts and other leading business commentators outline their insights and opinions on future strategies and disruptions.

What you will learn:

  • Latest trends and technologies to help you make the right strategic investments
  • How will privacy regulations and changes in ad tech be overcome and turned into opportunities
  • What are the next disruptions to our businesses and the opportunities?
  • What talent and skills are needed to be successful in the future?
  • How the business models have changed and what the future holds for international media and events brands.
  • What’s next for events?
  • Latest trends in M&A from across the sector
Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

The core to a successful and sustainable future for the publishing industry will be plotting a route through the acceleration in third party cookie deprecation and privacy regulations. Building a viable future through first party data acquisition, could never be more important.

Leading data and analytics publishing professionals and suppliers to the sector will share opinion and insights on how to navigate the future, and give practical tips on how to deliver on data strategies.

What you will learn:

  • How to navigate the new world without cookies and increasing privacy regulations
  • How to develop data driven strategies to grown audience and revenue
  • Best practices for building a digital transformation roadmap
  • Best practices in segmentation and personalization
  • What data to collect and when to collect it
  • What technologies such as AI can do to enhance the customer experience and increase revenue/readers
  • How to scale your first-party data strategy quickly with the right technology
  • Examples of how to drive growth from B2B and B2C revenue streams
Talent & Skills

Talent & Skills

Your people need to be empowered and nurtured to do their best work.  As publishing evolves, you will need new skills.  How have your peers tackled their people challenges?

What you will learn:

  • Practical tips on building a team
  • How diversity and inclusion can benefit your business