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The Publishing Show 2023

The Publishing Show


Unlock Your Winning Audio Strategy with Full-Funnel Campaign Performance Measurement

01 Mar 2023
Storytelling & Design

As brands and agencies look to create a recession-proof marketing strategy, audio remains a highly effective medium for both reach and engagement, enabling data-backed optimisation to ensure that the creative will resonate and result in a high return on investment. Join Damian Scragg of Veritonic, Esther Mason of AudioPlus, Andrea Day of Voiceworks and Thomas McKay of Octave Audio in a thought-provoking session as they share how a full-funnel audio campaign measurement provides quantifiable outcomes and long-term business success.

The discussion will dive deep into how brands can use actionable data to optimise their campaign performance and ensure that what they are putting in market will provide the performance, return, and competitive differentiation they seek as part of their unique KPIs.

After this session, you'll be able to:
● Confidently explain the steps to measure audio pre, mid, and post-campaign, providing endless opportunities for a more effective and resonating vehicle with a higher return.
● Understand how end-to-end measurement and analytics allow brands to gain insights that are indispensable in creating and maintaining successful audio strategies.
● Outline the best practices for a full-funnel measurement strategy to gain a competitive edge and make more informed decisions about your media mix.

Andrea Day, Operations Director - Voiceworks
Damian Scragg, General Manager International - Veritonic
Esther Mason, Commercial Director - AudioPlus
Thomas McKay, Head of Product & Strategy - Octave Audio