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The Publishing Show 2023

The Publishing Show


Thriving Community – the secret to building a loyal community around your business

02 Mar 2023
Audience & Marketing
Audience and community development

In today's economy acquiring new customers is becoming increasingly hard, due to a lack of customer loyalty, low attention span and increased competition. So what's the key to attracting and keeping loyal customers who will continue to drive your business forward?

The secret to customer success is community - building a thriving community around your business that keeps your audience engaged, committed and incredibly loyal. Community is the key to reducing your marketing spend, increasing customer satisfaction, appealing to a new generation of customers and showing that your brand cares beyond profit.

In this session, I will share my key 5 secrets to building a global community and brand loyalty with a global audience that propelled my business from 0 to over half a million followers and thousands of paying community members. Our community loyalty helped us launch countless of new products, a magazine and an events platform.

Raimonda Jankunaite, CEO / Founder