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The Publishing Show 2023

The Publishing Show


The future of editorial analytics: notifications as the primary interface

02 Mar 2023
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Editorial and content

The next phase of story intelligence has begun. Today’s editors realise that data is crucial, but it needs to be smarter. There are a lot of numbers, and not all of this data is actionable or aligned with the strategy - and that is a problem.
In this session, Rutger Verhoeven of smartocto shows how data should talk to you, and why and how graphs and metrics should be transformed into smart notifications and predictions. This gives editors a virtual assistant that saves them time and keeps them on track. Overall, results from those using smart notifications have been staggering: up to 16% more reach and up to 39% more conversions. Finally, there is a road from data to impact.

Rutger Verhoeven, co-founder/CMO