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The Publishing Show 2023

The Publishing Show


Navigating the new normal of working with freelancers or remote teams in a post-COVID era

01 Mar 2023
Storytelling & Design
Talent and skill

Join us for a fascinating discussion on "What does the future of creative collaboration look like?" with Lavina Suthenthiran and Matthew Cimaglia. In this discussion, we'll explore how modern technology, including, is opening up new ways to work with freelancers and remote teams in the post-COVID era. You'll gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of remote collaboration and how to leverage modern tools to enhance creative collaboration.
Lavina and Matthew bring their unique perspectives to the discussion, drawing on their extensive experience in content creation, communications, and the production industry. They'll explore how cloud-based tools, video conferencing platforms, AI-powered tools, and blockchain technology, including, are transforming the creative collaboration landscape. You'll learn how to adapt to the evolving digital landscape and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing industry.
Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights on the future of creative collaboration and how to succeed in a remote work environment, including how is helping content creators work faster and easier. Join us for this informative and engaging discussion with Lavina and Matthew!

Matt Cimaglia, Co-Founder & CEO -