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The Publishing Show 2023

The Publishing Show


Maximising Lifetime Value in Publishing

01 Mar 2023
Revenue Streams
Strategy and transformation

In this session, Jon Westnedge, VP EMEA & Global Head of SMB Sales at Taboola, will be joined by Piers North, Chief Revenue Officer at Reach plc, to explore how publishers can use emerging technologies to build their audience, drive engagement and generate revenue, taking a 360 degree approach to success in their business.

Publishers face a variety of challenges in producing high quality content, growing and engaging their audience, while ensuring that their businesses remain profitable and sustainable. Facing strong competition for user attention from walled gardens, open web publishers can take a page from the book of the platform giants by focusing on maximising the lifetime value of their users.

Jon Westnedge, VP EMEA
Piers North, Chief Revenue Officer