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The Publishing Show 2023

The Publishing Show


Will AI eat my business?

01 Mar 2023
Storytelling & Design
Editorial and content

Given the understanding and depth of the capabilities of AI and ML, one thing is clear that Artificial intelligence solutions have settled in the whole publishing world for good or are atleast planning to settle soon. AI with TDM, ML and NLP technologies are able to cater to the entire value chain activity for a publisher. Despite this fact, many publishers wonder if AI is a right investment or if it will replace editors, writers, translators or other positions in the industry. Is that the right question to ask? Perhaps another approach could be, can AI help my business become more competitive? And if so… how?
In this panel discussion we will deep dive the following areas:
• What is AI for publishers mean? Which areas of the value chain are currently most under utilised by AI?
• Why is AI important to invest in right now?
• Are AI and affiliated technologies expensive to contract?
• What are the internal and external benefits of AI?
• How long does it take for an ROI from AI? Is it worth it?

David Floyd, Managing Director - Social Spider CIC
Herit Trivedi, Automation Developer - NewsUK
Maanas Mediratta, CEO
Rishabh Lohia, Chief Commercial Officer - Bridged Media
Stéphane Père, Independent Strategic Advisor - Rimshot Advisory