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How to scale and create value in passion-led media - a fireside chat with the Founder and CEO of Fieldsports Press Limited

02 Mar 2023
Storytelling & Design

Despite the well documented challenges faced by publishers, the fundamentals of specialist passion media remain robust. Fieldsports Press Limited have emerged as the market leader of strategic transformation in the Fieldsports niche - how to better serve the high value, passionate audience and allow their commercial partners to connect with and engage them in new ways.
A year ago, Fieldsports media was fragmented across a handful of large-scale Publishers. Generally regarded as a marginalised, longtail print asset, they have remained in the foothills of their digital audience potential. However, Simon and Selena Barr, co-founders of Fieldsports Press, spotted the opportunity to lead a bold strategy to consolidate disparate and competing portfolios and leverage the heritage of legacy print brands to build a multi-media business. Their ambition is to scale a platform-resilient digital business with highly engaged niche audience segments, underpinned by their passion and commitment to deliver quality and authoritative content.
The path to evolve the business model for specialist brands is well trodden for other passion verticals like tech, golf, cycling - to name a few. The adoption of low cost publishing technologies to build engagement and with them the opportunity for more diverse monetisation strategies are opportunities yet to be exploited in Fieldsports. Simon and Selena have the right strategic rigour and focus to drive high value activity and revenue retention. They also have the headroom to deliver efficiencies and fund the journey to evolve these legacy print assets. Their goal is to develop new digital products, extend revenues, deepen relationships with their clients and grow their share of the global Fieldsports vertical.

Andrea Davies, B2C and Specialist Consumer Media Practice Lead - Collingwood Advisory