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The Publishing Show 2023

The Publishing Show


Digital transformation for publishers: Dos and don’ts in digital publishing

01 Mar 2023
Storytelling & Design
Audience and community development , Strategy and transformation

Learn practical advice, examples, and tips for publishers willing to introduce or improve their digital publishing presence.

Dani Leyhue has extensive knowledge and experience in working with publishers around the world, helping and guiding them to transform their publishing workflows and be more efficient in publishing to multiple channels, including print, web, apps, and platforms like Apple News+.

During this session, we touch upon some common misconceptions about digital publishing, as well as mention some of the challenges publishers face in trying to maintain the same print-centric attitude to publishing to digital channels. Also, Dani explains more about the channel-neutral approach to publishing and demonstrates how publishers can implement this to improve their time to market, save resources and expand new revenue streams.

If you'd like to learn more about:
Channel-neutral publishing workflows
Multi-channel publishing opportunities
How to optimize your content for digital channels
And, more importantly, what to look out for when considering adding an additional digital channel for delivering your content…

Then this is the session for you!

Dani Leyhue, Product Manager