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The Publishing Show 2023

The Publishing Show


Do NOT make me choose between a great UX and boosting my revenue!! (Browsi)

02 Mar 2023
Revenue Streams

User experience and advertising have been in a complicated relationship since the dawn of internet advertising.

Stuffing a website with too many ads can cause publishers to lose their audience. Getting rid of ads risks running the revenue well dry. There’s a balance to be struck

In this fireside chat, we’d like to discuss a loophole in the matrix – ads and UX don’t have to be on conflicting sides.

So how do you get behind the wheel and actually drive this thing? How do you increase your revenue without damaging your UX?

That’s exactly what you’ll find out with the help of Sherzod, Rachel, Asher & Kim.

Asher Glinsman, Head of Monetisation - Boons Media
Kim Skovgaards, Head of Product - Step Network
Rachel Shekhtman, SVP International Revenue - Browsi
Sherzod Rizaev, Director of Commercial Operations - ex LADbible Group, ex Minute Media