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The Publishing Show 2023

The Publishing Show


Adopting a channel-neutral workflow

01 Mar 2023
The Publishing Show Playzone

In this session, Dani Leyhue – publishing expert and Product Manager at WoodWing – will demonstrate how publishing to any number of channels can be simplified by adopting a story-centric content workflow.

Dani has extensive knowledge and experience in working with publishers around the world, helping and guiding them to transform their publishing workflows and be more efficient in publishing to multiple channels, including print, web, apps, and platforms like Apple News+.

During this demonstration, Dani will take you by the hand, touching upon:
• Some basic concepts of WoodWing Studio
• Creating design-rich stories in the digital editor
• Publishing content to various digital channels
• Creating a print version of the same content – automatically
• The flexibility of a professional publishing system

This demonstration will make it clear how any publisher – large or small – can improve time to market, save resources and expand new revenue streams.

Dani Leyhue, Product Manager