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The Publishing Show 2023

The Publishing Show


Achieving Scale and Maximizing Trust Through Third-Party Contextual

01 Mar 2023
Revenue Streams
Data and analytics

The post-third party cookie shift towards privacy-friendly targeting methods is a vital issue for publishers in 2023. In need of new ways to supplement first-party data and prove inventory quality, publishers have discussed renewed interest in contextual advertising. Can these tools improve alignment and increase scale in a post-cookie world? How are teams preparing today?

Join us to discuss recent DV research on contextual advertising and how publishers are positioned to benefit from its growth. In this session, you will walk away knowing how publishers can better discuss their inventory in the marketplace using third-party contextual measurement.

David Goddard, VP of Business Development
Dee Frew, Ad Tech Specialist - The Guardian
Katherine Pickles, Product Marketing Manager - Taboola
Lauren Dick