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Why the news industry must innovate

08 Mar 2022
Future of the Newsroom
Technology & Innovation , Editorial & Content

In 2021 Warren Nettleford won a Royal Television Society Award for Digital Innovation for creating a news series that attached millions of viewers and transformed the way that news is told to younger audiences. NEED TO KNOW beat the BBC and CNN to the top prize in journalism. Now, the NEED TO KNOW team have been backed by Google to create more innovate news content that cuts through and appeals to viewers in new ways. In this presentation Warren will explain the challenges facing the news business and why now is the time to innovate and reach viewers with accurate and impartial information which will enable them to make sense of the world. He’ll touch on what changes he thinks need to take place in the industry for news organisations to thrive and also why he thinks it vital that regulations are adapted for the information age.


Warren Nettleford, CEO - Right Thing Films

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