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The power of storytelling pictures in business

09 Mar 2022
Future of the Newsroom
Editorial & Content

Hook people into the message you want to share. This session combines the power of storytelling and visual communication to engage audiences on a deeper emotional level.

Research by 3M Corporation confirmed that your brain processes images 60,000x faster than words. Telling a story with those images engages the emotional side of your brain, making it more engaging and memorable.

In your business, storytelling pictures will help you to:

  • Create effective marketing content that achieves your objectives
  • Communicate complex ideas clearly
  • Build an exciting brand with a strong identity

In this session, I’ll share WHY, WHAT and HOW you can thrive with storytelling pictures in your business. By the end of this presentation, you’ll share my vision for visual storytelling and will be bursting with ideas to practically apply to your own content.

Sam Warburton, Design & Content Creator - Ad Esse Consulting

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