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Polymorphic storytelling - the marketing formula to multiply your content

08 Mar 2022
Future of the Newsroom
Technology & Innovation , Editorial & Content , Audience & Community Development

In a publishing environment in which “going viral” is the catchphrase of the day, the William Rudolph Hearst-style agencies and newsagents of yesteryear don’t move fast enough to keep up.

It's why I believe in polymorphic storytelling, a unique methodology to take one story and present it in different media and environments.

To take one press piece, and create 190 days worth of content.

Think of the old-school media agencies being like the Soviet army.
They’ve got the money, the tanks, the manpower.
Now think of the new-school, internet-savvy, Podcasting, Facebooking, YouTubing, blogging creative companies like the Vietcon.
They travel light. They know the terrain. They can ambush a tank and slip back into the village undetected before the Soviet general can even finish scratching his goatee in confusion.
They’re best-suited to excel at speed.
In the brave new world of publishing, all the money, talent, and professional film studios in the world can’t compete with a clever, low-budget YouTube video that goes viral.
The new-school storyteller troops are natives to the online terrain; while old-school ad agencies continue to spend millions on prime time TV spots that Netflix users fast-forward through, new-school storytelling troops spend just thousands on content that they can tweak and send out to hundreds of distribution channels.
How to turn long-form content into blogs, tweets, podcasts, short vertical videos that are perfect for TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube shorts.


Jason Allan Scott, CEO - Kopus

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