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Organic Marketing

09 Mar 2022
Developing Audiences
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You’re ready to market your business, and you have several strategies available to you. Will you market yourself through Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, pay for ads on Google Search, invest in great website content, or start to build out your email list?
When you’re developing your marketing strategy and funnel, and utilizing the best CRM software to keep track of your project, it can be helpful to split your approaches into two broad areas:

  1. Organic marketing strategies for business, which help your website, articles, and other content appear on search engines and arrive in people’s inboxes and paid. This talk will explain organic growth hacking.
    Organic marketing is about promoting your business in three main ways:
    • Content Marketing that you post on your website or other sites that will attract people to your business
    • Social Media Content that you share into various social media networks, so that your followers and fans can see and react to that content
    • Newsletter and email content that you send to people who have joined your mailing list

Organic marketing is distinct from paid advertising, because you don’t pay for your content to be shown to your audience.

You may still need to pay for the original content creation, but once you’ve done that, you’re relying on organic search, social media feeds, and emails to promote your business. Learn the tips and strategies to optimise organic growth marketing.


Jason Allan Scott, CEO - Kopus
Mark Charles Felstead, Owner - MCF Consulting

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