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How to get started in the Metaverse - practical tips and advice from proven specialists

09 Mar 2022
Workshop Zone
Technology & Innovation , Strategy & Transformation , Editorial & Content , Data & Analytics , Commercial & Ecommerce , Audience & Community Development

A practical workshop to learn from proven metaverse specialists who will cover the following
• What is the Metaverse
• What opportunities are there for Media Publishers
• Who is currently getting started in the Metaverse
• How can your business get started in the Metaverse
o Where to start
o How much will it cost
o How do you grow communities in the Metaverse
• What hardware do you need
• What ‘headsets’ are the most viable
• What software (apps) should you take advantage off
• What is the size of the market – and how will it grow
• Is the Metaverse safe and secure for my business
• What is the endgame? A social business app for your business and it’s customers/audience/community

Gerry Smyth, Director - GAS Commercial Ltd
Grant Townshend, Director - GAS Commercial Ltd

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