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Carrier Billing: driving pay-per-view with one-click payment

08 Mar 2022
AdTech and Revenue
Technology & Innovation , Commercial & Ecommerce , Subscriptions & Circulation

The alternative mobile payment method carrier billing boosts spontaneous pay-per-view payments as it merely requires your readership to enter their mobile phone number to make a payment. It therefore contrast with card-based and other payments as no additional data must be added - users are not forced to sign, share personal data or fill out forms and a payment is therefore completed within seconds and it outscores other payment options with an unparalleled penetration rate since almost everybody nearly always has a mobile phone at hand. Despite its strong tie with a mobile phone, carrier billing is compatible with tablets, desktop devices, Smart TVs and all popular software and is available to publishers across Europe.
The payment option is already familiar to many users as it is applied widely for digital apps and content, such as online games, streaming and the download of music, digital subscriptions for e-books, magazines or movies, in addition to social media platforms, tickets for public transportation, parking tickets or even bike-sharing services, snack vending machines or electric vehicle charging.

Loukas Louka, Managing Director - DIMOCO Carrier Billing

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