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Are publishers ready to use data to drive new business models or is data just a tool to support decision-making?

08 Mar 2022
Future of the Newsroom
Technology & Innovation , Data & Analytics , Editorial & Content

Where are publishers in the transformation journey?
• Revenue
• Experience – relationships with audience
• Culture and mindset

Where are publishers getting stuck at the moment?
What big trends do we see emerging?
• Revenue models – Data for understanding behaviours and connecting that to business models
• First party data strategy – how does that differ for different business models (B2B, B2C, ads, subs)
• New AI applications on the supply side – what does the potential explosion in the amount of content mean for publishers vs platforms? How much can you realistically automate right now?
• Power to make decisions – if you give your teams access to more data, how do you empower them to use it?
• Stakeholders and internal engagement – how do the dynamics between the business and editorial teams evolve with more and more data?
• Data ethics – what about GDPR and first party data, how do you empower your teams and your clients or your audience to use data, what about corporate responsibility for data?
• Web3 How does an industry that has had to protect digital content see/use things like NFTs, what about the relationship between publishers and the tech platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn etc)?

Danny Williams, Managing Director, Media - GlobalData
Karine Serfaty, Chief Data Officer - The Economist
Magda Woods - And the robots
Pedro Cosa - News UK

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