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Stéphane Père

Stéphane Père

Independent Strategic Advisor, Rimshot Advisory

Stéphane Père began his career in advertising for various media brands (Canal +, Bloomberg TV, Yahoo!) before joining The Economist in the Paris office in 2007.
In 2010, he moved to New York to launch the online Ad network Ideas People Media, which pools around sixty publishers in order to offer advertisers the ability to reach thought leaders at scale in a well lit editorial environment. He was appointed Chief Data Officer of The Economist in 2013 in London and led the development of advanced Insights and Targeting capabilities. In 2018 he became Executive Vice-President in charge of Business Development and led Economic Intelligence data product and service innovation. Stéphane Père then joined Poool, a SaaS marketing technology solution for media and content producers, in 2020 as Chief Revenue Officer.
He is currently an Independent Strategic Advisor helping Media and Tech companies accelerate their revenue growth.