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Sam Warburton

Sam Warburton

Design & Content Creator, Ad Esse Consulting

My name is Sam and I’m an Author, Illustrator and Content Creator.

After graduating from Loughborough University with a degree in Publishing & English, I started my career at Oxford University Press. In my current role at Ad Esse Consulting, I’ve built a strong brand identity for the business and continue to create content for audiences who are organisations with a social purpose.

I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and offer a small amount of freelance content creation work. Helping others to achieve their goals through creating valuable content is what drives me. I’m proud to have supported hard working businesses such as Chantry Brewery, Charnwood Arts, and Tech Toy Box.

I love books, dogs, and opportunities to be creative. I’m also an enthusiastic tea drinker and chocolate chomper. If you’d like to connect, I’m active on LinkedIn and Instagram.

LinkedIn: @Sam Warburton ACIM
Instagram: @samwarburtoncontentcreator