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Patrik Wilkens

Patrik Wilkens

VP of Operations

Patrik Wilkens is Vice President of Operations at TheSoul Publishing. As an executive leader in the digital and entertainment industry, Wilkens brings over 14 years of experience in managing teams, growing products, and building organizations. With the scale of TheSoul Publishing continuing to accelerate, Wilkens’ leadership and extensive experience scaling companies is particularly beneficial as the studio looks to continue its exponential global growth.

Previously, Wilkens served as Vice President of Mobile at Spilgames. The company was acquired by Azerion, where he continued in the role. In charge of two development studios, Wilkens set up a centralized operational structure that streamlined key departments including business intelligence, marketing, and technology services serving Azerion's gaming studios. In his career he has been responsible for launching more than sixty successful products culminating in more than 250 million installations.

At TheSoul Publishing, Wilkens collaborates with the COO in setting and driving long and short-term operational strategy. His focus is on growing additional revenue streams via brand deals and licensing, and increasing the studio’s owned and operated content portfolio via websites. Wilkens is also contributing to TheSoul Publishing's push for operational excellence by spearheading the adoption of new tools and processes.