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Matt Steerman

Matt Steerman

Co-Founder, Get Locker

Locker is a sports technology company building an application that allows for the personalisation of premium sports content & digital experiences that matters to fans. Locker’s mission is to centralise sports and connect fans to the publishers, teams, leagues and athletes that matter to them on an independent platform. Locker is not a publisher, rather an agnostic platform that through data driven insights & media partnerships, puts the power in the hands of the fans to discover more of what they want, while delivering new revenue streams, unique user awareness, and out of market fan growth for our publishing, team, and content partners.

Matt is a cofounder of Locker, and has a decade of experience working in digital advertising and online publishing. Matt was part of building and scaling commercial strategies for some of Ireland's largest digital publishing groups, and has worked with a range of multinational brands in award winning digital campaigns including Allianz, Heineken and Vodafone. With a background in publishing, he recognises the challenges that exist for content creators of all sizes and with Locker, sees an opportunity to build a platform that provides tangible benefits for all levels of publishers while connecting fans to explore more of their world of sport.