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Jason Allan Scott

Jason Allan Scott

CEO, Kopus

Jas Allan Scott is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Bestselling Author. Various media and social media platforms including Amazon have called Scott a top influencer on the web, Double Dutch said Scott is one of the most influential Event Professionals in the world as did Eventbrite. Jason was recognized as a top 100 small business for his Podcast tech company and invited to Number 10 Downing Street.

Scott has helped ILEA UK, Arsenal FC, Fulham University, Small Business UK, Google, Canvas Planner, TFN, The Marketing Society, BBC, Marvel, Asemblr, EventMB, WB, Interguide and Holmes Place grow through events, sales, and online marketing.

His online marketing has generated several million visitors (38% of them spend money on paid ads), his podcasts generate over 100 000 listens per month, making 7 figure revenues through networking, client acquisition and directed content creation.

Scott has spoken at over 210 conferences, events, and companies around the world. From speaking at Google, Oxford, and Coutts to major growth marketing conferences, he now focuses on his company, Kopus.com a deep learning software company that helps b2b companies, network, create content and generate revenue conveniently.