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Colin Morrison

Colin Morrison

Flashes & Flames

The award-winning Flashes & Flames is written by Colin Morrison, who is variously a director and consultant of digital,
unnamedmedia, and information companies in the UK, Europe, and the AsiaPacific. He is also involved in long-term strategic assignments, and M&A. He is up to his eyes in “media change”.

Colin is a former journalist who is passionate about media, marketing and technology – and about the need for transformed thinking across traditional media. In an earlier life, he wrote about media, entertainment, technology, and transportation for magazines and newspapers in London, New York and Dublin.

He was a successful CEO of international media companies for: Reed Elsevier, EMAP, Australian Consolidated Press, Axel Springer, Future, and Hearst, in the UK, Australia and Continental Europe. He is/has been a non-executive chairman and/or director of: Pharmaceutical Press, GRB Entertainment, GlobeLynx Networks, SchoolQuote, Centaur Media, Mark Allen Publishing, IPCN, RCN Publishing, Jacobs Media Group, SBTV News, and Great Golf Media. He is a Senior Adviser of the New York-based media & tech investment bank DeSilva + Phillips. He has been a keynote speaker on media-tech conference platforms in Australia, South Africa, India, the US and the UK.

He has been widely involved in media partnerships and joint ventures with international organisations including: the BBC, Hearst, Axel Springer, Dennis, Sony, Microsoft, Washington Post, SBTV, Press Association, and Hachette.