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Passendo is the leading European platform commercialising newsletter inventory. Founded in 2016 by two digital advertising pioneers, our award-winning email ad server and SSP provides value for publishers and advertisers worldwide, running 2 Billion proprietary advertising impressions over 4000 premium publishing house newsletter inventories across the world.


Partnering with some of the world’s largest media publishers, we help them activate new incremental revenues in an existing and untapped media channel, connecting advertisers to publishers’ audiences in ways that unlock new opportunities.


Our email ad server reduces manual work by up to 80 percent, helping publishers improve and optimise trafficking workflows for direct sold and in-house campaigns. Supporting CPM and CPC pricing models as well as standard sponsorship, our platform means publishers can finally manage newsletter inventory like they manage standard web display:


  • Schedule campaigns in advance
  • Manage and optimise campaigns in real time
  • Offer effective targeting
  • Access full reporting
  • Incorporate native


A publisher’s own campaigns can also be complimented by high quality advertising from Passendo’s own in-email advertising exchange to help publishers optimise newsletter revenue even further, with full publisher transparency and control.

Passendo easily integrates with your current ESP with a one-time, simple integration using a lightweight HTML tag that’s ESP-agnostic.


Passendo works only with in-email inventory - we make email relevant again for tomorrow’s publishers and advertisers. The key advantage here is that the users opt-in to receive newsletters - there are only real, highly engaged and responsive users, so no wasted impressions. This unique inventory, delivered in real time, on-open, results in higher click and conversion rates generating even more newsletter revenue.


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