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Stand: D24PS

Founded in 1992, Klopotek is synonymous with standardized software in the publishing industry – unlike customized versions of generic ERP solutions, Klopotek software has been built to meet the unique needs of this industry. We offer publishing solutions for Title Management, Editorial, and Production, as well as Contracts, Rights and Royalties, O2C, and CRM with our cloud-based STREAM web apps. Over 400 publishers chose Klopotek as their software provider. STREAM is Klopotek’s platform for user interaction across computers and portable devices. Focused on supporting key business processes in a smart and simple way, Klopotek STREAM provides an excellent user experience.


United Kingdom


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  • Complete 360° view on all product information with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard  
  • Three configurable apps in one to make an editor’s life easier
  • High metadata quality achieved as a side effect of your day-to-day business
  • Makes creating, storing and handling contractual agreements easy and transparent
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