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Atex, headquartered in Sweden with offices worldwide, is a leading software company selling solutions for the media industry.

We help newsrooms around the world produce websites, newspapers and magazines. Our flexible workflows can support the largest digital-first newsrooms to the smallest local publications: content authoring, digital asset management, web publishing, home page management, website management, print editions, production statistics, contributor management and royalties collection.

We also provide end-to-end multi-channel advertising management solutions to multimedia organizations and advertising companies, covering the whole advertising process from sales, CRM and booking to production and invoicing.


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  • ACE

    Atex Content Engine (ACE) is an API-first, multi-channel content management system, developed by Atex, building on 20 years of experience in software development for the media business, to let publish ...
  • Cross Advertising is a cloud-based solution providing end-to-end multi-channel advertising management covering the whole advertising process from sales, CRM and booking to production and invoicing.
  • Desk is a web-based solution to manage the production of digital and print publications for newspapers and magazines. News and media organisations are using Desk to build both their print and digital ...
  • Now at newsstands and online is Domani, the new Italian newspaper founded by Carlo De Benedetti. A revolutionary production approach is the basis of this editorial project entirely managed by Atex.
  • Atex partnered with Bell Media, Canada’s largest media company and leading content creator to develop Crave, Canada’s bilingual TV and streaming service with more than 2.5 million subscribers.
  • SIE Group chooses Atex Desk to manage their multi-channel production for L’Adige. This move takes advantage of the synergy with the other newspapers optimizing and evolving the production system.
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