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AI21 Labs

Stand: D20PS,Sponsorship
  • Marketing Automation Software / AI, Analytics and Optimisation / Omnichannel marketing
AI21 Labs

AI21 Labs is on a mission to revolutionize the way humans read & write, by making the machine a thought partner. AI21 Labs has three core products utilizing their sophisticated NLP technology: AI21 Studio boasts the largest and most advanced language models in the world allowing businesses to build NLP based apps and services; Wordtune is a writing tool that helps you express your thoughts more clearly wherever you write; and Wordtune Read provides abstractive summarizations to save you time when reading articles, reports, and PDFs.


Migdal Hame'ah
Ibn Gabirol 124, Migdal Hame'ah, 16-17 floor
Tel Aviv


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  • Generative AI startup AI21 Labs has augmented its Wordtune AI writing assistant with linked citations for any suggested facts, a distinction from OpenAI’s ChatGPT and many other generative text tools. ...
  • With the proliferation of generative AI art platforms such as Dall-E and Stable Diffusion and text-generating systems such as ChatGPT, the credibility of these tools has come into question. One startu ...
  • ChatGPT is impressive, but it’s missing a vital component. That’s according to Ehud Karpas, a squad director at AI21 Labs, which develops generative AI for text. “ChatGPT is amazing. It’s impressive. ...
  • OpenAI Is Drawing Competition From Fleet of Startups

    06 Feb 2023 Dina Bass and Priya Anand
    AI21 Labs: Israeli startup AI21 Labs has developed a GPT-3 rival called Jurassic, as well as tools that use AI to help customers write. “Our focus has been to change how we read and write,” said co-fo ...
  • Large language models have recently seen significant advancements, but still struggle with factuality. AI21 Labs addresses this issue by creating LMs that are reliable for various applications.
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