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Exhibitor Warning

The Publishing Show

exhibit at the publishing show 2022

Scam Warning - Guides and Directories

The official The Publishing Show is produced in partnership with Mash Media, the official Media Partner of The Publishing Show. Other trade publications may contact you for information, however there is only one official Media Partner and Show.

Third parties such as Expo Guide, Fairguide, Constuct Data Verlag, International Fairs Directory and others have been targeting exhibitors for paid entries into show guides. Please be aware that any paperwork received from the any of these companies is NOT linked to The Publishing Show.


A form is used which resembles an exhibition organiser's free catalogue listing service, inviting exhibitors to complete the form for an entry in an on-line directory.

Exhibitors who sign and return the form become contracted into a three-year agreement. According to paperwork seen by The Publishing Show, signing up could cost €1,212 per year.

The information appears to be from The Publishing Show but is not – please discard all information immediately.

If you have been caught out, the advice from the AEO (Association of Exhibition Organisers) is as follows:

 - Do not pay anything

 - Ignore them completely – do not communicate with them in any way, even if they threaten legal action.

 - Report it to your local trading standards.

 - Keep a log of all correspondence and contact from them.


Scam Warning - 'Attendee Lists'

Please be aware that there are ‘hoax’ companies, targeting exhibitors to sign up with them to receive ‘attendee’ lists of The Publishing Show visitors.

PLEASE DO NOT respond to any such emails. We do NOT rent out our attendee lists

You may also be approached by stand builders, hotel booking agents etc who may claim to be working on behalf of The Publishing Show but are not.

The Publishing Show approved contractors are listed in the on-line Exhibitor Manual. A full list of approved contractors is also posted out to all exhibitors.

We only work with our approved contractors and will never forward your details to third parties.

If you are unsure if communications are from The Publishing Show, please contact us.