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13 Jan 2023

Introduction to The Magazine Manager

Mirabel Technologies Stand: E28PS

Founded in 2003, The Magazine Manager is a web-based CRM solution designed to help digital and print publishers streamline operations in an ever-changing media environment. 

The Magazine Manager is a suite of contact management, sales, production & project management, marketing, and billing applications that helps businesses manage proposals, advertising, pagination, and more.

The Magazine Manager's customer relationship management module enables businesses to build, categorize and search the customer database based on names, phone numbers, emails, companies, and addresses, among other categories.

Through the creation of ad orders or rate cards and ad inventory management, The Magazine Manager helps publishers streamline the entire print and digital advertising lifecycles. The ad order entry functionality allows businesses to create contracts, insertion orders, and invoice templates for print, digital, and display advertisements. Any type of media buy can be accurately managed, including email newsletters, website ads, events, and bulk media buys.

Created with a built-in electronic signature system, Magazine Manager helps to streamline and automate the proposal approval process by allowing sales staff to send electronic, legally binding documents to be signed and approved. Once signed and approved, the proposal will be automatically approved within the CRM, and automated emails will be sent to both the sales rep and the customer with a PDF of the signed document. 

With our collaborative production and project management module, publishers can rest assured that nothing falls through the cracks. Designed with customizable project stages and Project Timeline, any type of media buy can be accurately tracked and managed, including email newsletters, website ads, events, subscriptions, and bulk media buys. Team members receive live production updates of ad units, submit real-time feedback, and track time estimates of ongoing projects. And, with Magazine Manager’s automation engine, the module even sends out automated notifications about upcoming material deadlines. The digital software also enables publishing professionals to paginate publications and editions, conduct flat planning, and determine article and advertisement layouts. 

Magazine Manager’s rapidly expanding product line includes a world-class customer relationship management platform, a robust sales pipeline opportunities module, an order management system that handles print orders, events, and digital products, the most powerful billing module in the magazine media industry, a detailed accounts receivable system, a complete reporting suite, and an audience development platform that includes a landing page management system, email marketing automation, website visitor identification platform, competitor insights, and an email verification program.

In 2022, we added hundreds of new features to the software, including a complete recurring revenue suite, ChargeBrite, and our own Google Chrome extension. With our Chrome extension, a user’s Gmail account can connect to our CRM allowing them to see Magazine Manager notes within their Gmail, add notes to Contact Records through their Gmail, and even copy emails and email attachments directly into the CRM.

We are continuously working to improve our software; This coming year, we have over 500 new features planned.