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Exhibitor Videos

The Publishing Show

  • Introduction to The Magazine Manager

    13 Jan 2023 Kathleen Thieme
    Serving over 18,000+ publications worldwide, The Magazine Manager is the global leader in magazine publishing software solutions bringing together all your work silos into one unified system. 
  • Native Ad Platform Promotional

    09 Aug 2021 Nativo Inc
    The Nativo Platform in brief...
  • Create a "cost neutral" marketing budget

    06 Mar 2020 Matthew Harding - BBX
    Would you like to increase your marketing budget WITHOUT decreasing your cash at bank? Watch this video to see how you can create a marketing budget that is totally cost neutral.
  • Three configurable apps in one to make an editor’s life easier
  • Business Reporter Interview

    Business Reporter
    In this interview John Attridge , CEO of BBX UK , explains how businesses harness their spare capacity to improve profits, growth and cash flow.
  • Turn your spare capacity into a charitable donation to create a win~win for all.
  • High metadata quality achieved as a side effect of your day-to-day business
  • Complete 360° view on all product information with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard  
  • Makes creating, storing and handling contractual agreements easy and transparent
  • Customer Testimonial - The Brand Bucket

    Barnaby Wynter @ The Brand Bucket
    Here what acclaimed marketing guru , Barnaby Wynter of The Brand Bucket, has to say about his time as a BBX client.