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Qrvideosolutions Stand: D63PS
  • Second Screen Shopping
  • Second Screen Shopping
Second Screen Shopping Second Screen Shopping

Feature rich digital content can be incorporated within video by use of embedded QR codes.
QR Video Solutions supports placement of QR codes directly within the video stream.
QR Codes can be generated and placed at strategic locations within the timeline of a video programme.
Properties determine precisely at what moment, for how long, and where on-screen, a QR code can appear, i.e. top left, top right etc.
Provision to halt playback when a QR code is triggered, or allowing playback to continue is supported.
Banner 'popups' can be used in the same way to communicate text information.
Videos can be downloaded with QR code overlays transcoded into them.  These can then be viewed on any player, i,e uploaded to youtube.
Overlayed QR codes are maintained using standard management practices. They can be restyled and reassigned at any time after production and placement.
Special support is given to the creation of custom styled landing pages which may contain links directly related to the playback position within a programme, ie. a purchasing button or telephone number at key moments.
The feedback recording system can be used in conjunction with QR code overlays to support e.g. video questionnaires