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Qrvideosolutions Stand: D63PS

Publications, videos and products are displayed with QR codes, once scanned the adaptive engine produced a customised video presentation with associated interaction buttons. The Adaptive engine is used to personalise user interaction with QR codes to increase sales, subscriptions, engagement, traffic.

QR Code responses can be tailored on the basis of time, user, location, security, access rules.

Each QRVideoSolutions QRcode contains one or more possible Targets.  When the QR code is scanned, a Target Selection Engine selects one of the Targets based on a set of stored criteria.  Use of Target collections, mean that QRVideoSolutions QRCodes can have a Life-Cycle.  The life cycle can be 'one-off',  recurring or based on activity (scan count).

Target types 

Telephone: initiates a call to a given tel number
SMS: initiates an sms to a given tel number
Email: initiates an email with prefilled to, subject and body
URL: loads the given url
Zoom link: initiates a zoom call to a given session
Location:  launches a map at a given location
Document download:  allows download of a dosument
Channel:  Plays a Video Channel with customisable skin and user feedback
Programme:  Plays a Video/Audio Programme with customisable skin and user feedback
Video/Audio Recording and upload - launches Video camera or Audio recorder app and allows recording and upload of live or pre-recorded content.

Target selection criteria

Each Target has a selection criteria that determines if it will be shown when it's QR code is scanned.  There are four types:

Scan-count: Active from and until,  a certain number of scans.   Overrides the other types below.
Continuous: always active and overrides the other types below.
Date range: (only active within a specific date/time range i,e start datetime, end datetime).  Overrides Schedule.
Schedule:Active/inactive within a recurring schedule e.g active every Weekday between 9 - 5, inactive all other times

A QRCode life cycle

Typically, a QR code is static and will forever resolve to the same location.  QRVideoSolutions codes are special in that conceptually they are built from a collection of the above Targets and the Target's selection criteria.  This makes them dynamic and supports creation of a life-cycle where they can become active, stay active, and adapt the Target response, based on activity (number of times scanned) or date and time.

High Level Code Types

Some of these overlap...

Standard codes that always resolve to the same target when scanned.
Lifetime codes e.g. dormant (take users to a holding page) until a given date/time, then become active for a given duration of time or number of scans, then revert to the holding page or a different location.
QR Codes governed by an activity lifetime that resolve differently depending on scan count (number of times scanned).
Recordable QR codes that when scanned allow recording of video or audio for upload to public or private channels or as individual items.
Feedback QR codes can provide user feedback, contextual and aggregated.

QRVideoSolutions QR code Features

Protection against QR code obsolescence by allowing the creation of new targets and selection criteria at any time.
Any QR code is always updateable.  Targets can be added or adjusted at any time
Created with the users own domain name if required.

Channels Targets have a special setting determining which programme is played when scanned.  The setting can infer:
The first programme in the channel is always played
The next programme in the channel for the user is played (the next programme from the one they viewed on the previous scan)
The next programme in the channel for the global audience is played (the next programme from the last one played when the code was scanned by anyone - allows balancing of playback frequency for programmes in a channel)
A Random programme from the channel is played
Realtime - TV simulation where the playback position is dependent on the current time.