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Kayak - CRM and subscription management

Atex Stand: D12PS

Kayak is a comprehensive system for managing subscriptions and distribution. It is a tool for managing customer service, invoicing, accounts receivable, marketing and sales related to printed and digital products and services.

The mailing and distribution, including interfaces, of printed products, also ensure a well-functioning logistics chain. In terms of digital products, solutions related to managing read permissions, including interfaces, provide the opportunity to take advantage of Kayak’s centralised customer database in targeting and ordering various content.

User-friendliness as the starting point for design

The Kayak interface has been designed with user interface design (UX) specialists for customer service needs. The customer service module’s views and workflows have been tested to ensure that all necessary information is readily available. Making changes to subscriptions is as easy and quick as possible.

Modern, efficient and made to order

Thanks to its modular structure, Kayak can be tailored to meet your company’s needs. Interfaces and integrations with your company’s other IT systems are easy via the open and flexible interface architecture. Kayak’s SOAP/Web Service interface makes real-time integration between systems easy.

Publishers can outsource to Atex all of their customer services, invoicing operations, payment transactions, and the sending of material to be mailed to printing houses. Atex also implements customer self-service sites that can be separately customised for each title. Publishers can focus on their core business and monitor the development of their subscription base through our BI and reporting system.