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Ad Management Platform

Pubstack Stand: E24PS

Build, monitor & optimise your programmatic stack with our single-stop no-code platform.

  1. Build your ad stack: Our UI frees publishers of the tech dependency and allows you to connect multiple SSPs in a no-code environment.

    Assemble your ad stack brick by brick by taking your pick from over 250 integrations available on our platform and find the perfect combination to manage your website's inventory.
  2. Analyse your performance: Aggregate all your programmatic data from Prebid, Google Ad Manager and Transparent Ad Marketplace (Amazon) into one single platform.

    Troubleshooting your stack is now child's play thanks to our interactive data and our A/B testing capacities to help you make all your decisions data-driven.

  3. Optimise your revenue: 

    Set up various complex monetisation techniques in the blink of an eye, all done without requiring setup by your developer team:

  • Ad Refresh
  • Floor pricing
  • Lazy Loading
  • Parallax ads
  • & more to come