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06 Feb 2023

OpenAI Is Drawing Competition From Fleet of Startups

AI21 Labs Stand: D20PS, Sponsorship
OpenAI Is Drawing Competition From Fleet of Startups
A small army of startups and tech giants is vying to outdo the AI darling of the moment.

AI21 Labs: Israeli startup AI21 Labs has developed a GPT-3 rival called Jurassic, as well as tools that use AI to help customers write. “Our focus has been to change how we read and write,” said co-founder Yoav Shoham, a former director of the AI lab at Stanford University. The company’s first large-language model was about the same size as GPT-3, even slightly bigger, but more recently AI21 has put out a much smaller version. The performance has been impressive, Shoham said. About 25,000 developers have signed up to use Jurassic and in November the company made it available through Amazon’s cloud AI service. 

AI21 raised $64 million in July, a deal that valued the company at $664 million, according to reports. The startup is likely to raise more soon, Shoham said. 

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