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08 Feb 2023

Mirabel Introduces the New Sales Sequencing System

Mirabel Technologies Stand: E28PS
Mirabel Introduces the New Sales Sequencing System

This month, Mirabel Technologies, the world’s leading media & publishing management software suite, expanded into new territory with the addition of Mirabel’s Sales Sequencing System.

Using this new feature, users will be able to completely automate all sales functions including sending emails, scheduling calls and meetings, assigning or removing Contacts to and from groups, updating fields on the Contact Record, and more!

From simple form submission workflows, to more complex outbound sales campaigns, users can create carefully crafted workflows to guide their leads through the Sales Pipeline, from start to finish. And, with the ability to create custom Prospecting Stages and Lead Types, the module can be completely customized to fit any business’s needs.

Powered by Mirabel’s Marketing Manager and fully integrated with Mirabel’s all-in-one CRM, the Sales Sequencing System is designed to increase your sales team’s productivity and save them time so that they can get back to what they do best: Sales.

Founded in 2003, Mirabel’s flagship product, Magazine Manager, is a flexible web-based software app built by publishers, for publishers. 

Serving more than 18,000+ publications and media companies worldwide, this all-in-one publishing software drastically reduces overhead costs and manpower by connecting a world-class customer relationship management platform, a robust sales pipeline opportunities module, a production and project management system, a powerful billing and detailed accounts receivable system, and an audience development platform into one unified platform.

Since our introduction of the first web-based publishing CRM, The Magazine Manager, our suite of SaaS products has grown to include DigitalStudio, The Newspaper Manager, Flip & Share, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, Clean Your Lists and ChargeBrite.

Each product expands Mirabel Technologies into new industries to provide clean, streamlined solutions to marketing, sales, project management and more.