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07 Apr 2022

Browsi Rolls Out New Console, Granting Publishers Long-Awaited, End-to-End Control of the Entire Ad Experience

Browsi Stand: E38PS
Browsi Rolls Out New Console, Granting Publishers Long-Awaited, End-to-End Control of the Entire Ad Experience
Browsi's Console

NEW YORK, April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading AI-driven SaaS company Browsi LTD (Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel & New York, USA; CEO: Asaf Shamly) has announced the roll-out of a new and improved console for publishers. The console grants publishers full control over the entire ad experience, dramatically improving the way they design, create and optimize ad layouts, while improving UX long-term goals.

Through one intuitive console, publishers are no longer left to compromise and operate in the dark. They can now gain control of all their digital real-estate, and adjust ad layouts to perfectly fit each individual user.

This platform is unique across the industry and revolutionary in the publishers' level of control on a single platform. A publisher who used to have a static layout can now design personalized layouts per user. For instance, the publisher can create a specific layout with fewer ads per page for its loyal, frequently returning users, while still generating more overall inventory by deprioritizing users who come for a shorter session, like those from a social platform.

Publishers can also configure what demand partners to use and define the ad layout that will be served per granular user segmentation, bearing in mind supply management aspects such as ad type, ad location, user dimensions, ad density, UX-driven in-view refresh, bidder settings, and much more.

The new Browsi console grants publishers full visibility and control into their ad performance at all times. Publishers now have access to all their data in one place - ad data, user data, engagement data and more are all displayed in a robust dashboard and a real-time reporting system, both designed to help publishers surface insights and deliver a premium dynamic ad experience.

"We're super excited about this development. For the first time in AdTech history, publishers can gain complete control of their digital real estate. We're creating a reality in which ad layouts are 100% defined by the publisher, personalized per each individual user, and boosted by AI for optimal performance. Product, Revenue, Ad Operations, R&D, and Editorial teams can now align around their most critical goals - growing revenue while improving user experience." - Asaf Shamly, CEO & Co-Founder, Browsi.