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19 Jan 2023

AI21 intros text-generating AI capability that cites sources

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AI21 intros text-generating AI capability that cites sources
AI vendor AI21 Labs' Wordtune Spices is a writing assistant that provides users with different text options and links to sources so that writers know where the information is from.

With the proliferation of generative AI art platforms such as Dall-E and Stable Diffusion and text-generating systems such as ChatGPT, the credibility of these tools has come into question.

One startup has released a tool that it says will alleviate some of those concerns.

On Jan. 17, well-funded AI21 Labs, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, launched Wordtune Spices, a new addition to its AI editor platform.

Spices provides choices of 12 cues to assist writers in the writing process and generate different textual options and add-ons. Spices also suggests statistics to help writers strengthen their arguments.

Citing sources

A key feature of the text-generating AI tool is that it always attributes its sources and links back to them, according to AI21 Labs.

In the age of generative AI, many vendors and technology companies have grown used to using foundation models -- AI models trained on huge amounts of data -- without explaining how the tools arrived at their results, said Gartner analyst Brian Burke.

In addition, how these text- and image-generating AI tools produce results has led to controversies and lawsuits alleging that the tools plagiarized or stole original pieces without the knowledge of the original artists and authors.

"Citing sources in text generation would indeed be a step forward," Burke said.

So, text-generating AI tools such as Wordtune Spices could be a way to address, at least to some extent, the problem of explainability that these generative AI capabilities present.

AI21 Labs' new capability seems promising in that regard, according to Forrester Research analyst William McKeon-White.

"I would be interested to see if there are any limitations or ways to choose which types of sources you want, because there'll be some sources that are less reliable than others," he said.

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