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Agenda Preview

The Publishing Show

Take a look at some of the sessions taking place at The Publishing Show 2023! 

Full agenda to be released soon 

Session times and locations to be confirmed. 

Lessons from award-winning publisher podcasts

                      Peter Houston

Peter Houston, Co-Host, Media Voices

A panel of podcasters who have won or been shortlisted for the Publishing Podcast Awards share their pearls of wisdom.
• What content makes an appealing podcast?
• How do you market/ promote a podcast?
• What revenues can it generate directly?
• What is the strategic value of a podcast?
• What do you wish you knew before you started?

Publishing, Automating, and Monetizing

                      Jason Allan Scott

Jason Allan Scott, Chief Storytelling Officer, A Podcast Company 

Publishing, Automating, and Monetizing. Jason Allan Scott will share his formula. A formula that is responsible for getting him over a million views and generating 7 figures in sales.
All through a simple 3 step process: Publishing, Automating, and Monetizing.
This is the same process and system that Scott’s Media Company, A Podcast Company, use to distribute content on all of the different platforms out there but doing it in a way that doesn’t consume the business owners life.
In fact, the only thing you will need to do in this entire process is Step 1: Publish.

Thriving Community – the secret to building a loyal community around your business

                      Raimonda Jankunaite

Raimonda Jankunaite, CEO/Founder, Women Thrive Media

The secret to customer success is community - building a thriving community around your business that keeps your audience engaged, committed and incredibly loyal. Community is the key to reducing your marketing spend, increasing customer satisfaction, appealing to a new generation of customers and showing that your brand cares beyond profit.

In this session, I will share my key 5 secrets to building a global community and brand loyalty with a global audience that propelled my business from 0 to over half a million followers and thousands of paying community members. Our community loyalty helped us launch countless of new products, a magazine and an events platform.

Using AI auto-tagging to support The Sun and The Times newsrooms - A Case Study

          Tom Jackson Matt Shearer

Matt Shearer, CEO, Data Language & Tom Jackson, Director of Data Technology, News UK

News UK publishes The Sun and The Times, and is well known for its progressive innovation agenda. This case study will outline how the News UK team planned and delivered AI auto-tagging to support content curation, SEO, and analytics, while reducing the overhead for journalists. Find out about the real delivery challenges, the outcomes, and some tips and tricks. The talk will also include a live demo of some of the technology involved.

Do I really need a podcast? Why the audio explosion shows no signs of slowing down

                       Noami Mellor

Naomi Mellor, Co-Founder, Everybody Media

"Everyone's got a podcast these days".
"There's too many podcasts out there already"

It is never said that there are too many books in the world, and more are written every year. So why might we think there are too many podcasts, and is it still worth starting one?

In this session, we'll be looking at the benefits of a podcast for both brands and individuals, and why you should consider this ever-growing medium if you haven't already.

Demystifying Headless CMS & SEO

                       Vahe Arabian

Vahe Arabian, Founder, State of Digital Publishing

A headless architecture can allow for the creation of nearly any user experience (front end) without the need to disturb the logic of the back end. Traditionally tailored to eCommerce and IoT industries, publishers are now increasingly applying it for an omnichannel audience development approach towards content modeling/planning and deployment. This panel will share the myths, tech stack & workflow strategies, case studies, and upcoming trends to getting started from all sides of the media publishing spectrum - publishers, development and martech partners alike.