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Data & Analytics


The core to a successful and sustainable future for the publishing industry will be plotting a route through the acceleration in third party cookie deprecation and privacy regulations. Building a viable future through first party data acquisition, could never be more important.

Leading data and analytics publishing professionals and suppliers to the sector will share opinion and insights on how to navigate the future, and give practical tips on how to deliver on data

What you will learn:

  • How to navigate the new world without cookies and increasing privacy regulations
  • How to develop data driven strategies to grown audience and revenue
  • Best practices for building a digital transformation roadmap
  • Best practices in segmentation and personalization
  • What data to collect and when to collect it
  • What technologies such as AI can do to enhance the customer experience and increase revenue/readers
  • How to scale your first-party data strategy quickly with the right technology
  • Examples of how to drive growth from B2B and B2C revenue streams